Time and Location

Tuesday, May 9th, 2023 Thursday, May 11th 2023
Employee Owned Holdings, Inc. 16330 Central Green Blvd. #200 Houston, TX 77032

Leadership Excellence Course (Houston, TX 9-11 May)

Yesterday’s ‘command and control’ leadership mentality is out.
Hard skills such as planning, finance and analysis that were paramount in years past represent just a fragment of the many skills executives must now possess. Today’s global economy requires additional skills like good communication, creativity, collaboration and the ability to motivate. According to an article recently posted at Bloomberg Businessweek, “a modern chief executive requires an array of hard and soft skills; they’re essential for anyone aspiring to top leadership.”

Whether you are a senior executive trying to advance your organization in a new world or an experienced project manager, you’ll be empowered with new skills and a contemporary perspective on leadership from our Leadership Excellence Course. Corporate managers from across the U.S. have graduated from this program more confident, more productive and more effective leaders‚Ķdriving their organizations forward.

It’s your time, your chance to revitalize your career and step forward a better leader. Give yourself every advantage with experienced executive coaching that will have immediate and practical application.

The Academy Leadership Advantage
Academy Leadership, an elite consulting and training firm founded in 2000, consists of a team of trailblazers with decades of real-world experience developing corporate leaders. But that’s just the beginning. Our top executives hail from all branches of the world’s mightiest military to bring an altogether unique perspective to leadership training not found in any other program. No one knows more about leadership, strategy, discipline and creative thinking than the U.S. military’s top commanding officers. Combined, Academy Leadership delivers a comprehensive, no-nonsense program for high-level executives in any industry, in any size organization.