Inclusive Leadership

3 July 2024 Leadership Lunch. A great discussion on how you as a leader can be more inclusive.

Strategic Leadership

Leadership Lunch discussion on 4 February 2021 Talking about how you as the leader can get everyone in your organization to think and act strategically.

Leading Up

Leadership Lunch from 19 august 2020. Ryan Yantis led a discussion on how to effectively manage up, including peers, boss and volunteers. He included several good stories to illustrate his points.

Setting Leadership Priorities

Leadership Lunch on 5 August 2020. We talked about how to set leadership priorities, things that happen to get in the way of that and techniques to overcome time killers.

Conducting a Difficult Conversation as a Leader

Leadership Lunch on 29 July 2020. We talked about how to have difficult conversations as a leader. I introduced a format to start the conversation to make it less stressful and more effective.


Leadership Lunch from 1 July. We talked about coaching as a leader and how this differs from spot corrections and mentoring. We addressed characteristics of a good coach and how to conduct a coaching conversation. Lastly, I conducted a coaching session with one of the participants to demonstrate what it can look like.


Leadership Lunch on 24 June 2020. we talked about why leaders should delegate and excuses why they don’t delegate. We walked thru an easy 8-step delegation process and talked about pitfall to avoid.

Developing Your People

Leadership Lunch on 17 June 2020. We discussed how to develop you people as a leader. It included action steps you must take to help your team create their development plans.