My Personal Leadership Philosophy

Leadership is the ability to inspire people to more than they would have done on their own.  It is a choice and not a position.  It is creating an environment where people feel valued, respected and empowered to do their best.  My personal philosophy is forged from a passion for service to others and helping people unlock their leadership potential.

Trust and respect are the foundations for strong relationships.  Courage to have difficult conversations grow these relationships and demonstrate that the communication is the relationship.  Integrity maintains the relationship over time and thoughtfulness provides the boundaries.

As a Leader, I am responsible for providing resources and removing obstacles.  I will lead from the front and set the example.  I will place the team first and not ask anything of you that I will not do myself.  I will provide you the expectations and allow you the freedom to decide how you get the work done.  I will diligently strive to live these principles.  A lifetime of observation highlights my high need for control and constant movement; simply ask for more time and space when needed and I will give it to you.

I expect you to enjoy your job and the people around you.  Seek balance in your life; burnout doesn’t serve you, your family or the team.  Take time for selfcare and be open about your needs for yourself.  Take initiative in all aspects.  Follow adult rules and you will gain more trust and responsibility through quality performance. 

Accountability is paramount.  Zero is the only acceptable standard for safety and that is achieved by good behaviors.  If you are not trustworthy, you will not be on the team.  Please minimize negative attitudes and letting me hear about things from other people I should have heard from you.  I have tremendous faith in people believe they want to do their best.  A positive attitude and placing the needs of the client first is a service to everyone.

Feedback is a gift and I appreciate all of it.  We grow by hearing from others what behaviors we should start, stop and continue doing.  Continuously building our relationships together will ensure we all accomplish our dreams.