Services We Offer

Advanced (Executive) Leadership Course

The Advanced Leadership Course (ALC) is focused on leadership, culture and personal development.
It lets you step back from day-to-day responsibilities, reassess your value to the organization, develop
a broader perspective of your leadership capabilities, and create a personal action plan that you can
implement immediately.

Custom Programs

We place a manager in charge of a team and expect them to figure out on their own how to get /0their team to perform at the highest levels. It’s no
wonder the vast majority of people who voluntarily
leave a job are quitting the boss, not the position.

Executive Coaching

Coaching is the process of working one-on-one with an executive to help solve problems and open
up new possibilities for leaders and their organizations. The essence of executive coaching is helping
leaders transition into a broader awareness of their effectiveness and assisting them in transferring
their learning into benefits for their business.

Energize2Lead Workshop

Our Energize2LeadTM Profile (E2L) is a comprehensive, leadership style
assessment that identifies the types of activities that energize a leader,
as well as the activities that lead to frustration.

Gettysburg Leadership Experience

The Gettysburg Leadership Experience is not a study of
military strategy, but an excellent opportunity to stimulate
new thinking and a new understanding of leadership,
teamwork and communication.

Leader's Compass for Law Enforcement

Effective Leadership in Law Enforcement. This leadership program offers keynote addresses, one-day seminars, and longer workshops that mix engaging and
identifiablelaw enforcementanecdotes with effectiveand applicabletactics that leadersatall levelscan use. The program’s
focus can be tailored to fit your organization’s specific needs and preferences.

Leadership Foundations Course

New and aspiring leaders learn
to build confidence, productivity
and the ability to get things
done through other people.

Personal Leadership Philosophy Workshop

The Leader’s Compass Workshop is a total immersion in the process of answering very
important and thought-provoking questions about your beliefs, values, priorities, and
expectations of yourself and those you lead.

QuadLead (Individual 360 Assessment)

QuadLead is a unique 360 assessment that clearly evaluates a
leader’s skills in two key areas: Leadership Competence and
Leadership Character. 12 essential Leadership Disciplines are
evaluated and ranked by each respondent group. Used by
organizations like Sony, Disney, and the US Army.

QuadStrat (Organizational Assessment)

A suite of assessments which quickly pinpoints your organization’s capabilities and constraints and evaluates overall alignment and readiness. Identify your best opportunities for business improvement and success.

Focus and Alignment Workshop

After completing the workshop, participants will feel a sense of enhanced teamwork and
accomplishment. They will begin to build a foundation for successful future strategic planning that
will ensure sustained superior performance. Specifically, they will be able to make the following
statements with a high degree of confidence: